Who should Attend?

  • National and International Oil and Gas Companies
  • Midstream Oil and Gas Companies
  • Oil and Gas Services and Suppliers
  • Petroleum Refiners and Retailers
  • Power Companies/Utilities
  • Transmission and Distribution
  • Power Equipment Manufacturers
  • Energy Services Companies including efficiency services
  • Energy and Resources Fund Managers
  • Private Equity & Investment Banks
  • Corporate Venture arms of Utilities and Oil and Gas Companies
  • Energy Lawyers and Consultants
  • Big Data and Analytics Providers
  • Fixed and Mobile Operators
  • Web Service Providers
  • Data Security Firms
  • Digital Solutions
  • Data Infrastructure
  • IT Productivity

Benefits of attending

  • With world witnessing immense change in the current dynamics of the industry, the organisations across the globe created and introduced new strategies that enabled them to sail smoothly in changing scenario. Let’s hear the Digital Leaders & Experts from the fraternity share their strategies and experiences.
  • Comprehend the vision on the upcoming era of digital and technology disturbance which will help in growing your organisation.
  • Explore the ways to incorporate cybersecurity in the business to build a resilient and flexible energy network.
  • Recognize and adopt the skills that will help in driving the business efficiently and monetise IIoT in order to secure further investment.
  • Converse with the professionals on the future of digital technologies and envision the future of technology which will transform the process of energy generation and distribution.
  • It is critical to utilise the asset efficiently in a data driven organisation which will eventually drive the organisation smoothly. Listen to experts on Asset Efficiency./li>
  • Enhancing productivity and capability with the help of networking & supply chain is the need of the hour, walk with the energy companies to comprehend the management of automation along with the realisation across their network.
  • Walk on the path wherein digitalization is transforming the oil & gas companies for a better future.
  • Understand the world of digital straight from dignitaries who are reinventing the business models for enabling new growth through advanced customer focused services
  • Comprehend the challenges with respect to implementation, innovation, security culture and changing dynamics of business lying beneath the ambitious project of digitalization across the industry.
Alpa Chhatwal

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